As a Plan Participant, your employer has entrusted to our care certain confidential. We recognize that your relationship with us is based on trust, and that you expect us to act responsibly. Therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in protecting our clients’ data and use it primarily to complete transactions that you request and to report on the status of your retirement plan accounts on a periodic basis. Most importantly, we do not sell client or prospective client information — whether it is your personal information or that fact that you are a Participant — to anyone.
How we handle your personal information

We do not sell information about current or former clients or their accounts to third parties. We restrict access to your confidential information to those NERT employees who need to know the information to perform their jobs, such as servicing your account, preparing annual reporting for the plan, or providing products or services to you. We may also need to share that information with companies that provide administrative, brokerage or auditing services for NERT. We maintain strict physical, electronic and procedural safeguards consistent with industry standards to protect your information. We review and adjust these safeguards regularly in response to advances in technology. For your protection, we recommend that you do not provide your log in or password to anyone. If you become aware of any suspicious activity relating to your financial information, please contact us immediately.

The information we collect about you

You (or your employer) provide personal information when you join your employer’s retirement plan. You also provide personal information when you request literature or a transaction that involves NERT. Even if you do not participate in your employer’s retirement plan through NERT, we still need basic employment data for you in order to test the plan’s compliance with various Federal and IRS regulations and to ensure that all eligible employees receive the benefits and service credit they have earned. In addition to personal information about you, we may receive personal information about you that you authorize third parties to provide to us. We may also obtain personal information from third parties in order to verify your identity or to prevent fraud. In order to complete certain transactions that you request, we may need to provide identifying information to companies, individuals or groups that are not affiliated with NERT. For example, if you ask to transfer assets from another financial institution to NERT, we will need to provide information about you to that company to complete the transaction. Personal information collected from any source may include your name and address, Social Security or taxpayer identification number, date of birth, assets, income, account balances, investment activity, and accounts at other institutions. Additionally, we will release information about you if we are compelled by law to do so, or in other legally limited circumstances.