Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about financial and pension terminology, go to our Glossary of Financial and Retirement Terms. You can also click on an individual question or by category on this page to get more information about how your accounts in NERT operate.

General Information

To access your account information or to enroll, type in your email address and Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the fields on the screen. If you received a PIN previously, it remains the same. Once you have entered that information, your plan name will appear and you can then follow the links to the areas you wish to visit.

If you have more than one plan in NERT (for example, a 401(k) account and a Pension), when you reach this screen you will see a drop box directing you to select which plan you wish to view. Click on the correct plan, and the system will re-load the page with the plan you’ve selected. You can now go to any of the participant screens.

Please contact us directly at the address/phone number below or email us at if you forget or would like to change your PIN.

You can reach the National Employers Retirement Trust by phone at 301-320-9300 from 9 am until 5 pm Eastern time, Monday – Friday. After business hours, please leave a voice mail message and your administrator will return your call the next day.

Our mailing address is 4701 Sangamore Rd., Suite 205 South, Bethesda, MD 20816. To send us materials via fax, dial 301-320-6854. You can also email us at

There are three ways to view your account statements online. First, log in through the participant screen and go to Account Information. “Account Balance Inquiry” provides the current balance in your NERT account. “Year-to-Date Employee Statement” covers total contributions, gain/loss, distributions, and current balance for the current plan year. “Year-to-Date Employee Transactions” shows all account transactions within the current plan year.

We use Adobe Acrobat for some of our applications and forms. These forms will have the extension “.pdf” at the end of the file name. To view these forms, you’ll need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here. Get Adober Reader

We update the website each business day after we obtain closing prices from the mutual fund companies participating in NERT and after we verify all transactions processed from the previous day. This means that generally, by mid-afternoon, the previous day’s prices and transactions will be available online. You can tell the most recent price posted by the date next to each fund account on your online statement.

You will generally have the following options for your retirement assets:

  • Transfer the assets to a different IRA
  • Transfer the assets to your new employer’s plan
  • Leave the assets in your current employer’s plan
  • Take your funds in cash and pay taxes and applicable penalties on your distribution.

Your options will be determined by the provisions of your current and new employer’s plans. To get the paperwork to process your termination, log in as a participant and go to Termination Package. You can complete these forms online, then print, sign and forward them to us.

NERT Fund Information

The National Employers Retirement Trust, Sandy Spring Bank – Trustee, provides management of all group trust services, including, but not limited to investing, distributing, allocating and confirming of plan assets and activities. An expense factor of of .00233% (0.85%/yr) is applied to the average daily balance of plan assets, except the guaranteed account, for trust recordkeeping. All pricing is posted on a daily basis and is net of all management expenses.

To exchange funds from one NERT fund to another, log in as a participant and go to Account Modifications. From there, click on “Exchange my money between NERT funds.” Select the dollar amount or percentage of your assets you want exchanged from each fund, and indicate in which NERT funds you wish to invest. When you have completed the form, print it out, sign it where indicated, and forward it to us at NERT.

You can click on the “Investment Options” tab at the top of the screen to get more information about the NERT funds.

Financial Terminology

Keeping up with the latest regulations and terminology can be a challenge. To learn more about financial and retirement terminology, click on our glossary