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Thomas F. Barrett, Inc. has been endorsed by The APA Insurance Trust to provide APA member retirement plan services. As employee benefit specialists and administrators we have been offering consulting, full service administration, and a wide array of investment vehicles designed to maximize retirement savings since 1965. With TFB Inc., you’ll get the plan that best meets the objectives you have for retirement and the cost to administer your plan will be extremely competitive!
Customizing Your Future
Getting started a bit late?

Innovative retirement plan designs can help make up for lost time and can be the key to your financial security.

Implementing the right type of plan to suit your individual circumstances may mean more to your retirement security than even the investments you choose for your pension.

You know it always helps to talk to a professional…

There have been hundreds of changes in the tax code this past year. TFB, Inc.’s pension professionals can help you make the difference between just getting by and fulfilling your goals for a financially secure retirement. The phone call and initial consultation are absolutely free.

Consolidated Planning

Our unique reporting provides you with simple, effective analysis and investment information that is useful to busy psychologists.

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